Navratri 2023 : Rituals and Special Navratri Jewellery Collections

Navratri 2023 is here, are you in search of the jewellery to wear for this vibrant and auspicious 9 days Navratri 2023 festival, then no need to worry, we will suggest some jewellery that should be worn.

Before we dive into Navratri jewellery, let's begin by exploring the significance of the Navratri festival

Navratri 2023 Festival and Importance

Nithilah Navratri 2023 - Goddess Durga Devi Images

Navratri is a Hindu festival that lasts for 9 nights and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The Navratri 2023 celebration starts from 15th October to 24th October, the celebration symbolizes the victory of good over evil, and each night is dedicated to a different form of the goddess. It's a time for spiritual reflection, joy, and community celebration. After the 9-day celebration, the 10th day is Vijayadashami or Dussehra 2023.

Different forms of Goddess Durga during Navratri 2023

On these nine days, people worship Goddess Durga in nine forms. Every day of Navratri 2023 embodies a unique goddess form with distinct colors and rituals. The nine forms are as follows:

Shailaputri (Pratipada)

On the first day “Shailaputri” is depicted riding a bull and holding a trident and lotus. Shailaputri is associated with the power of Brahma.

Brahmacharini (Dwitiya)

On the second day, the Goddess is portrayed as walking barefoot with a rudraksha mala and kamandalu (water pot). Brahmacharini symbolizes penance and dedication.

Chandraghanta (Tritiya)

Chandraghanta the 3rd day represented as Devi has a moon-shaped ornament on her forehead and is depicted riding a tiger. Chandraghanta is associated with bravery and fortitude.

Kushmanda (Chaturthi)

Kushmanda the fourth day is depicted with eight or ten hands, holding various weapons and a rosary. Kushmanda is believed to have created the universe with her divine smile.

Skandamata (Panchami)

Fifth day - shown holding her son Skanda (Kartikeya) in her lap. Skandamata represents the nurturing aspect of motherhood

Katyayani (Shashthi)

Often depicted with four hands, holding a sword and lotus. Katyayani is associated with courage and valor.

Kaalratri (Saptami)

On the seventh day, the Goddess was portrayed with a dark complexion and four hands, carrying a cleaver and a torch. Kaalratri is considered a fierce form of Durga, destroying ignorance and darkness. 

Mahagauri (Ashtami)

Symbolizing purity and calmness, she is depicted in white attire. Mahagauri holds a trident and a damaru (drum).

Siddhidatri (Navami)

On the ninth day Goddess is represented with four hands, holding a discus, mace, lotus, and shank (conch). Siddhidatri is believed to provide knowledge and fulfillment of desires.

Worshiping these nine forms of Goddess Durga during Navratri 2023 is believed to invoke her various divine qualities and blessings. Devotees observe different rituals and poojas on each day dedicated to these forms. 

9 Vibrant Colors of Jewellery for Navratri 2023

Navratri Maa Durga Oxidised Jewellery

Here are some best Navratri Jewellery that Nithilah suggests you wear on these 9 days of Navratri 2023.  Each nine colors of Navratri symbolizes a distinct quality of Goddess Durga

    These are the suggestions from our side, if you prefer more designs you can visit Nithilah’s Navratri Jewellery Set page.

    Varieties of Jewellery Worn Across India During Navratri 2023

    Nithilah Navratri Jewellery Oxidised Choker Necklace Set

    Across India, people from different states have distinct Navratri jewelry preferences, here are some of the major places to observe Navratri Jewellery collections.


    During Navratri 2023, Gujarati people prefer to wear Traditional Jewellery such as Choker necklaces, Long necklaces (Haram), Jhumka earrings, Bangles, and Maang tikka.


    In Maharashtra, Women may wear Nath (nose ring), Kolhapuri Saaj necklaces, Kolhapuri Saaj earrings, Kolhapuri Saaj bangles, Temple Jewellery, Stone studded jewelry, etc.  


    In Rajasthan, during Navratri, women prefer to wear Kundan jewelry, Meenakari work jewelry, and polki jewelry.


    In Delhi,  Statement earrings, Polki and Kundan jewelry, Jhumkas, Maang tikka & Matha Patti are famous jewellery pieces during Navratri. 

    Madhya Pradesh

    Madhya Pradesh women often prefer to wear Silver oxidised jewellery, Terracotta jewelry, Beaded jewellery, Thread jewellery, etc.

    Uttar Pradesh

    Famous Jewelleries in UP during the festival Navratri are Polki and Kundan imitations, Meenakari Jewellery, Temple jewelry, Pearl jewelry, Gotta Patti jewelry, and Thewa jewelry 


    Karnataka women prefer the mix of traditional and contemporary imitation jewelry during Navaratri 2023. Some of the jewellery is Temple jewellery, Lakshmi Kasu Mala, Mango Haram, Kemp Jewellery, Antique jewelry, and Thread Jewellery.

    Tamil Nadu

    The people in Tamil Nadu often prefer to wear Temple Jewellery, Kemp Jewellery, Jhumkas, Pearl Jewellery, Bharatanatyam jewellery, and  Floral jewellery. 


    As Navratri 2023 unfolds, may the divine energy of Goddess Durga bless us all with strength, prosperity, and harmony. Let us enjoy the festivities, adorned in the colors of devotion and love, celebrating the victory of light over darkness. 

    At Nithilah, we offer you the Navratri jewellery online collections, find your favorite jewelry designs today!  Happy Navratri!