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      Long Oxidised Necklace or Oxidised Haram differs from an oxidised necklace due to its size. This oxidised haram is long compared to other oxidised necklaces and is typically made from silver or other base metals. In both artificial necklace, oxidation is done to darken the metal to create an aesthetic look. 

      Features & Benefits

      Artistic CraftsmanshipExperienced artisans craft these Oxidised Haram or Oxidised Long Necklaces. The designs showcase a rich blend of tradition and styles. 

      Diverse DesignsThese collections offer designs from filigree work to bold and thick patterns. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, these oxidised harams suit your taste. 

      HypoallergenicThese types of oxidised harams are less likely to cause skin-related issues; you can enjoy the beauty without worrying about skin irritations. 

      Low MaintenanceUnlike some jewellery requiring constant upkeep, oxidised jewellery pieces require low maintenance. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth is often all that is needed to keep them looking fresh. 

       Oxidised haram jewellery  includes Oxidised silver haram, Traditional oxidised haram, Oxidised temple haram, Oxidised coin haram, Oxidised peacock haram, Oxidised long haram, Oxidised layered haram, Oxidised beaded haram, Oxidised filigree haram, Oxidised antique haram, Oxidised boho haram, Oxidised tribal haram, Oxidised statement haram, Oxidised chain haram, Oxidised collar haram, Oxidised choker haram, Oxidised pendant haram, Oxidised tassel haram, Oxidised geometric haram, Oxidised flower haram etc.,


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