Matte Finish Haram

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      Matte Haram/Matte Finish Long Haram

      Matte Haram is a matte finish long haram which is designed following the classical style with beautiful patterns and a velvety style. Matte harams are available in various styles ranging from traditional to present trendy day, which makes them an excellent option for any kind of occasion. Matte jewellery set always comes in trendy fashion. It keeps the attraction and beauty throughout the time.

      Matte Gold Haram

      Matte Gold Harams can be worn with both traditional and modern attire, which makes them a versatile addition to your jewellery collection. The non-reflective layer offers an appealing and weightless feel, thus making it perfect for long-lasting use for times of celebration.

      Nithilah’s Matte Haram

      Nithilah’s Matte Haram collections add a trendy twist to your classic jewellery collection or to your celebration attire. Explore our unique collection to find the ideal matte finish Haram for any style and occasion.

      Matte jewellery haram includes Matte gold haram, Matte black haram, Matte finish haram, Matte long haram, Minimalist matte haram, Boho matte haram, Modern matte haram.
      Matte chain haram, Matte pendant haram, Matte stone haram, Matte bead haram, Matte pearl haram, Matte choker haram, Matte layered haram, Matte statement haram, Matte, antique haram, Matte coin haram, Matte temple haram etc..

      Why choose Nithilah?

      Unique designs: Nithilah gives you an exclusive special design that helps you to show your unique sparkle and stand out from the crowd.

      Variety of styles: Fashion styles change according to seasons. Nithilah provides a wide range of fashion patterns for different kinds of events.



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