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      Are you ready to adorn your look with amazing fashion jewellery to make a fashion statement with it?

      At Nithilah, we recognize the fascination of finely created ornaments that can elevate any outfit from ordinary to exceptional. Our specially selected collection of fashion jewellery is designed to help you reflect your unique style as well as enriching your entire look.

      Nithilah having the Earrings range from simple studs to vivid dangles. Whether you’re looking for sparkle / glitter with our cubic zirconia danglers or MOP stones studs to present your own unique style either for daily wear or for any special occasion as well.

      Our necklace collection includes a wide range of styles, patterns, contemporary and trendy designs. Choose from temple and matte finish necklaces, long harams, dazzling cubic zirconia neckpieces and chokers to add a touch of glamour around your neckline.

      Style Tips for Your Fashion Jewellery Selection:

      Keep it Clean: Regularly wipe down the jewel with a soft or cotton cloth to remove dirt

      Occasion Matters: While selecting the jewel consider the event or occasion which you are attending. For formal or official events go for simple and refined jewel while for casual outings go with trendy Mother Of Pearl jewel.

      Let it shine: When you're wearing a bold piece of jewellery, such as an appealing necklace or a dazzling pair of earrings, maintain the rest of your accessory in simple or minimal. An eye-catching accessory should be the centre of attraction of your complete outfit.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      1) What materials is the fashion jewellery pieces made from?

      Fashion Jewellery is often made from base metals like copper, brass, zinc and precious stones.

      2) Can I shower or swim while wearing the jewellery?

      It is a good practice to avoid contact with water to prolong your jewellery’s lifespan and to maintain its elegance.

      3) How do I care for and maintain my fashion jewellery to ensure its longevity?

      Keep it dry, clean gently with soft cloth, avoid sweat and heat and most importantly use jewellery box or pouch to keep your jewels safe.



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