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      Temple Jewellery online is a traditional Jewellery famous in the southern part of India, because of that it is also know as South India Jewellery. When we talk about its history, the jewellery piece has a rich history dating back to the Chola dynasty in the 9th century.  It was created to adorn goddesses in temples, but over time this Temple jewelry piece is popular among classical dancers and brides. 

      • Design Inspiration: The design of these Temple jewellery pieces is mostly influenced by the temple architecture and motifs. It features intricate and detailed representations of goddesses, animals, and floral patterns. 
      • Materials used: The material used in traditional temple jewelry pieces is gold however, to make it more affordable silver and other metals with gold plating have become used. 
      • Gemstones: Precious and semi-precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and pearls are commonly used in temple jewellery to add color and vibrancy to the designs. 
      • Components: Temple Jewellery Sets include Temple Jewellery Necklace, Temple Earrings, Temple Bangles, Temple Jewellery Choker, Hip Belts, and Hair clips, and at Nithilah we have special collections of Temple Jewellery Haram also called Temple Long Necklace. At Nithilah, each piece is meticulously crafted to match the theme and aesthetic. 
      • Symbolism: These jewellery pieces symbolize religious and cultural symbolism. For example, the “Temple Lakshmi jewellery” pendant symbolizes the goddess of wealth, and the “peacock”  design represents Lord Murugan. 
      • Occasions: Temple jewelry is commonly worn during classical performances, especially Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. It is also a popular choice for brides in choosing bridal jewellery sets in South India, enhancing their traditional bridal attire. 
      • Craftsmanship: At Nithilah, we use highly skilled artisans who specialize in the intricate techniques of engraving, filigree work, and stone settings. It is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. 


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