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      Temple jewellery haram online is a type of traditional haram that is a trending piece of South India jewellery that has cultural and historical significance. ‘Haram’ refers to a long elaborate necklace or chain worn by brides and women during special occasions. This jewellery style gets its name from its association with temple dancers and the fact that it is often offered to goddesses in temples.

      Here are some of the different designs of temple jewellery haram: Temple Lakshmi Haram, Mango Haram, Coin Haram, Peacock Haram, Temple Carvings Haram, Kempu Haram, Guttapusalu Haram, Antique Temple Haram, Kemp Stone, and Emerald Haram.

      Temple Jewellery Harams are not just ornaments but also carry a deep cultural and spiritual significance. They are often passed down through generations. These exquisite pieces of jewelery continue to be an integral part of South Indian bridal attire and are prized for their timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

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