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      Oxidised Jewellery Earrings

      Oxidised Jewellery Earrings, often called oxidised earrings, are the type of Jewellery earrings usually made with metals like silver and brass and undergo an oxidising process. This process helps to darken the metal to give it an antique or rustic appearance. These oxidised earrings are known for their unique and aged look, which enhances the intricate details and designs of the pieces. When you buy these oxidised jewellery from our website, you are achieving many advantages like unique aesthetic, affordability, versatility, low maintenance, cultural significance, less likely to cause an allergic reaction, and also, these earrings are eco-friendly. If you are looking for a jhumka verison of oxidised, then look for Oxidised jhumka earrings with variety of designs

      Most trending Oxidised Earrings that people are currently looking for are

      Oxidised Silver Earrings

      Oxidised Silver Earrings are made with German silver, these Germen silver oxidised jewellery which gives you the appearance of wearing genuine silver earrings so that everyone can afford these earrings. These silver oxidised earrings do not cause any allergic reaction and give you an antique look when you wear them for special functions.

      Golden Oxidised Earrings

      Golden Oxidised Earrings, also called Gold plated earrings, are made from base metals like brass and copper. These Golden oxidised earrings give you the exact look of wearing genuine gold earrings, which are comparatively low price with simple gold earrings.

      Oxidised Stud Earrings

      Oxidised Stud Earrings also can be bought by people looking for oxidised small earrings. 

      • Oxidised Stud Earrings: These stud earrings have a simple, stud-like design that sits directly on the earlobe.
      • Oxidised Small Earrings: These terms can be more general and provide a variety of earring styles like hoops, dangles, or tiny drops as long as they have an oxidised finish

      Long Oxidised Earrings

      The Long Oxidised Earrings are typically lengthy when compared to stud earrings. These long earrings come with an oxidised finish. This finish adds depth and contrast to the metal and highlights intricate designs. The length creates a bold and eye-catching look.

      Black Oxidised Earrings

      Black Oxidised earring from oxidised jewellery online at Nithilah gives you a striking and dramatic appearance. This finish is achieved through an oxidation process that intentionally darkens the metal. Similar to oxidised jewelry, these require minimal maintenance compared to silver or brass jewelry.

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