Imitation Jewellery for Small or Initimate Wedding

Choosing imitation jewellery for a Small or Intimate wedding function is a wonderful way of investing funds while staying sophisticated and charming. Consider the wedding theme, attire, and your unique elegance. Read this blog to find what types of Imitation jewellery are commonly used in small wedding functions. 


Nithilah Pearl Bunch Kaasu Jewel Set

"Pearl Bunch Kaasu Jewel Set" appears like a pearls and Kaasu style jewelry set.

The little gold or gold-toned coins used in traditional Indian jewellery are called "kaasu." A Pearl Bunch Kaasu Jewel Set may include these coin-like components as pendants or charms to add a traditional and cultural touch.

Consider your attire and occasion when buying a Pearl Bunch Kaasu Jewel Set. This jewelry is worn during Indian and South Asian weddings, festivals, and other important occasions. Pearls and Kaasu components provide a classic appearance that works well with sarees, lehengas, and salwar kameez. These sets are culturally significant, ageless, and can be cherished memories or gifts.

Price Range: From 2000 to 5000


Nithilah Matte Red Stone Lakshmi Jewel Set

A "Matte Red Stone Lakshmi Jewel Set" is also a traditional Indian jewelry set with matte finish jewellery pieces packed with red stones and Lakshmi imagery or motifs.

These jewelry sets are worn at weddings and religious rites when they have cultural and spiritual significance. Like rubies and other expensive red gemstones, red stones symbolize riches, prosperity, and good fortune, all associated with Lakshmi.

When shopping for a "Matte Red Stone Lakshmi Jewel Set, visit our store Nithilah. We are specialized in Indian or ethnic jewellery and are talented artisans. Check the jewelry's quality, design, and craftsmanship to ensure it meets your event needs.

Price Range: From 1500 to 5000


Nithilah American diamond double peacock jewel set

The term "American diamond double peacock jewel set" is not well-known in jewelry. We will provide some broad information to help you understand this jewelry:

  • American Diamond: India and other nations use American diamond jewellery to mean cubic zirconia (CZ). CZ is a cheaper diamond-like synthetic gemstone. Jewellery typically uses these stones instead of diamonds.
  • Double Peacock: A double peacock is a common Indian jewellery motif. The Indian peacock is symbolic and cultural. The "double peacock" pattern may signify pendants, earrings, or other accessories with two peacock designs.
  • Jewel Set: An American diamond jewel set includes numerous complementary jewelry items. A typical gem set includes a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and sometimes a ring. These pieces match in design, stones, and style.

An American diamond double peacock jewel set includes a necklace and earrings with a peacock pattern and American diamond (CZ) gemstones. 

Price Range: From 2500 to 5500


In conclusion, the best imitation jewellery for Small or Intimate weddings makes you feel confident, gorgeous, and trendy. You may choose replica jewellery that enhances your wedding day appearance without sacrificing elegance or quality by considering the above criteria and your style.

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