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      Stainless Steel Jewellery India

      Stainless Jewellery India or Anti Tarnish Jewelry is made from stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and corrosion  which prevents the jewelry from losing its shine due to air, moisture, and chemicals. The coating protects metal against oxidation and corrosion. Tarnishing-prone metals including sterling silver, brass, and copper are suitable for this style of jewelry. Anti-tarnish jewelry also called stainless jewelry  is ideal for individuals who want their jewelry to last longer.

      Anti Tarnish Jewellery Designs

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1) What is anti-tarnish jewellery and how does it work

      Anti-tarnish jewelry is designed to resist tarnishing, which is the darkening and dulling of metal caused by chemical reactions with the air. It works through protective coatings, rhodium plating, anti-tarnish treatments, and specialized storage solutions. These methods create barriers to prevent or delay tarnish and maintain the jewelry's appearance. However, it's important to note that anti-tarnish jewelry is not completely immune to tarnish and requires regular care and proper storage.


      2) Does anti-tarnish jewellery prevent all types of tarnish or only specific metals?

      Anti-tarnish jewelry is designed to prevent tarnish primarily on specific metals like silver and copper. It utilizes protective coatings or plating to create a barrier that inhibits tarnish. However, it may not be effective for other metals. Check care instructions or consult with the jeweler for specific maintenance recommendations.

      3) Is anti-tarnish jewellery suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

      Anti-tarnish jewelry is generally suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, individual sensitivities and allergies should be considered. Opt for hypoallergenic or specifically labeled jewelry for sensitive skin. Test a small patch or consult a professional if you have known allergies. Choose jewelry that meets your specific needs.


      4) How long does the anti-tarnish coating last on jewellery

      The duration of the anti-tarnish coating on jewelry varies based on factors like coating quality, metal type, and care. Typically, it can last from months to years. However, wear, chemicals, and improper cleaning can diminish its effectiveness. Proper care, such as avoiding harsh chemicals and storing in a dry environment, helps prolong the coating. Gentle cleaning methods are recommended. If the coating wears off, professional re-coating or re-plating may be needed.


      5) Is anti-tarnish jewellery more expensive than regular jewellery?

      The cost of anti-tarnish jewelry may be slightly higher compared to regular jewelry due to the additional coating or treatment. However, the price difference is generally not significant. Factors such as metal type, design, craftsmanship, and brand reputation also influence the overall cost. It's important to consider the overall value and quality when comparing prices. Reputable sources provide clear information about materials and any warranties associated with the anti-tarnish feature. Ultimately, the worth of anti-tarnish jewelry depends on personal preferences, budget, and desired longevity.


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