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      Oxidised jewellery has become a fashionable and trendy choice in the world of jewellery, specifically for those who prefer a unique and bohemian appearance.

      Oxidised jewellery set is popular owing to its own unique style and rich history. People prefer this sort of jewelry in their collections because of its attractive, particular, and rustic design, which also, seems old-fashioned but is never out of fashion!

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      1) Is Oxidised Jewellery safe for sensitive skin?

      Oxidized jewelry can be safe for sensitive skin, depending on the materials and the nature of your skin sensitivity.

      2) What metals are commonly used for Oxidised Jewellery?

      Oxidized Jewellery includes silver, copper, brass. These metals are often used with a chemical process to create the oxidized appearance with its own antique and unique look.

      3) Can I wear Oxidised Jewellery every day?

      Yes, you can wear Oxidised Jewellery from daily wear to any special occasions, but it might wear out faster if it's exposed to water and chemicals.

      4) How to take care of your Oxidised Jewellery

      • Avoid wearing jewelry in water.
      • After wearing jewelry, be sure to dry it.
      • Keep your jewelry in a dry place.
      • After each use, wipe down your jewelry with a soft cloth.
      • Avoid using cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia.
      • Clean your jewellery often for best results.

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