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      Navratri Jewellery 

      The Sanskrit words "Nav" (which means "nine") and "Ratri" (which means "night") are blended to form the phrase in English, "Navratri". In India, Navratri is celebrated for nine nights with huge enthusiasm and devotion. The Goddess Durga and her nine manifestations are worshipped during these nine days.

      On this Navratri celebration, people commonly dress in traditional and colorful outfits, and Navratri jewellery collections plays an important part in completing the festival jewellery. Among the different types of jewellery worn during Navratri are:

      Navratri Kundan Jadau Collection

      The Navratri Kundan Jadau Jewellery is exclusive because of its intricate design and use of sparkling stones, and it is very trendy as well. It's a perfect selection for Navratri nights since it gives you a touch of elegance and warmth

      Navratri Temple Jewellery Collection

      These Navratri Temple jewellery ornaments are influenced by the temple architecture and motifs from South India. It features intricate and detailed representations of idols, themes, and floral patterns. These ornaments tend to be made of gold and are ideal for the traditional trend.

      Navratri Oxidised Jewellery Collections

      Navratri Oxidised jewellery Set is usually adorned with complex designs, textures, and themes. It's a fashionable option for women who admire a mix of traditional and modern styles.

      Style Guide for Navratri Jewellery with your Outfits

      During these Navratri auspicious celebration nights, it’s common to wear traditional outfits with distinct colors.

      This is the perfect time to flaunt your colorful necklace design artificial. Kundan necklace, Meenakari, Oxidised necklaces designs with beautiful patterns and vibrant gemstones. These necklaces are the perfect pair with any attire.

      The Jhumka earrings are not popular but also have the ability to add an elegant touch to a woman's complete attire. On this Garba night (Navratri night) go for a dangling long jhumka which will give a charming look to your Navratri look. Choose a design which compliments your outfit and enhances your facial features.

      If you’re choosing saree or lehenga, a waist belt (Kamarbandh) might enlarge your waist while adding a refined look. And finally, don’t forget to complement your hair with designed pins, clips, floral hairbands.

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