How to differentiate between Good quality and Low quality imitation jewellery


    Imitation jewelry refers to jewelry that is made from non-precious materials like base metals, glass, and plastic, and is designed to resemble high-end jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones. While it may seem that two pieces of imitation jewelry with the same design appear the same, there are several reasons why they might have quality differences.

    Here are some tips to help differentiate between good quality and low-quality imitation jewellery:

  1. Check the Material: Good quality imitation jewellery is often made with high-quality materials like brass or copper. Low-quality imitation jewellery may use cheaper materials that are prone to rust and discoloration.

  2. Inspect the Plating:Good quality jewelleries are coated with gold, silver or rhodium to give them a glossy finish and good life while low quality ones are coated with cheap chemicals that does not give a good look or life.
  3. Look for Finishing: Good quality Artificial jewellery has a smooth and polished finishing, whereas low-quality artificial jewellery may have rough edges, uneven plating or visible seams.For example in  temple jewellery, the features of lakshmi or peacock will not be perfect in low quality jewellery.

  4. Check the Stones: The stones used in good quality imitation jewellery are often of high quality and look more like real gems. They are cut and set in a way that gives them a natural appearance. On the other hand, low-quality imitation jewellery may have poorly cut or poorly set stones that look fake and are ready to fall off any time.

  5. Weight: Best imitation jewellery is often heavier than low-quality ones as they are made with high-quality materials. They also feel more substantial and sturdy when worn.

  6. Price: Good quality imitation jewellery is usually priced higher than low-quality ones, as it is made with better materials and craftsmanship. So, if the price of the imitation jewellery is too good to be true, it may be an indication of low quality.

  7. Ease of Movement at the Links: Good quality imitation jewellery metal is thick enough to provide stability, the links should rotate easily without any resistance. However, low quality metals are too thin or the link is poorly designed, the link may not rotate smoothly
  8. Brand: Trusted and established brands often have a reputation for quality, so buying imitation jewellery from a reputed brand is a good way to ensure quality.

     By paying attention to these factors, you can differentiate between good quality and low-quality imitation jewellery and make an informed purchasing decision.

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