Matching Jewelry for Your Onam Kerala Saree Outfit

Onam celebrates cultural heritage, traditional feasts, and colorful festivals. The Kerala saree is a highlight of this festival's beautiful outfit. Kasavu sarees, with beautiful golden borders, are commonly worn with the right jewelry. This blog discusses necklaces & Bangles that match Kerala sarees during Onam.

Kerala Saree with Matching Necklace

Complete your Kerala Saree with a matching necklace that matches its traditional beauty. The proper necklace can enhance the saree and your entire style. Here are some necklaces that will surely add beauty to your overall looks.

Temple Jewellery Necklace

Nithilah Matching Jewelry for Your Onam Kerala Saree Outfit

Temple Jewellery Necklace pairs beautifully with Kerala Saree during Onam. Consider wearing Mango Mala or Lakshmi Haram with a saree (Kerala saree) will create a stunning and authentic look, capturing the essence of the festival.

Choker Necklace 

Nithilah Matching Jewelry for Your Onam Kerala Saree Outfit

A Choker necklace can be a stylish and modern choice to pair with outfits. At Nithilah, we have some combinations of American diamonds with choker necklaces. This will be a perfect choice.

Antique Gold Necklace 

Nithilah Matching Jewelry for Your Onam Kerala Saree Outfit

Matching an Antique Gold Necklace with a saree can create a stunning and regal look. Look for antique necklaces with intricate designs and traditional motifs; they will add vintage charm to your costume.

Apart from these necklaces, you can try on American diamond and oxidized necklaces from Nithilah.

Matching Bangles with Kerala Saree

Consider adding bangles that perfectly complement your stunning saree to create a harmonious look. Opt for bangles in gold or silver tones to add an elegant touch to your outfit. Here are some suggestions that match the saree.

Matte Gold Lakshmi Bangles

Nithilah Matching Jewelry for Your Onam Kerala Saree Outfit

Wearing Matte Gold Lakshmi Bangles with a saree on Onam function is a beautiful choice. These bangles feature goddess lakshmi motifs adding the touch of tradition.

Silver Pearl Bangles 

Nithilah Matching Jewelry for Your Onam Kerala Saree Outfit

Combining silver & pearl with the saree's rich colors can increase your overall look and give you a traditional vibe. This choice complements the festive atmosphere of Onam beautifully.

Temple Bangles

Temple bangles typically feature intricate designs inspired by traditional temple architecture and motifs. These bangles complement the grace and elegance of the saree, adding to the native cultural looks.

Also, you can try on AD stone bangles & oxidized bangles to gain a variety of looks during the function.


In conclusion, when it comes to accessorizing your Onam Kerala saree outfit, choosing matching jewelry that enhances the overall look is essential. Regarding earrings that match a saree, we suggested some ideas about matching earrings with a saree to wear on Onam function; read this blog to find the matching earrings with a saree. Shop for Nithilah's Onam special jewelry collections with up to 45% discounts. Fast delivery within 3-5 business days in India. International Shipping also available.