Difference Between Oxidised Silver Earrings & Sterling Silver Earrings

Still, trying to understand the difference between oxidised silver earrings & sterling silver earrings? Here, we will educate you about the difference between these two earrings. In the world of earrings,  silver earrings have gained so much popularity in both younger and older ones. Among the various types of silver earrings available,  oxidised silver earrings and oxidised sterling silver earrings are two popular choices. Read the blog till the end to find the difference between these earrings. 

Starting with the formation of these earrings

How Oxidised Silver Earrings and Sterling Silver Earrings are made

Oxidised Silver Earrings

Nithilah Oxidised Silver Earrings

Oxidised silver earrings are crafted from pure silver, also known as fine silver. Fine silver is 99% silver, making it one of the purest forms. These silver earrings get their unique look from the oxidation process that darkens the metal surface. This darkening leads to provide a vintage or rustic appearance. 

Oxidised Sterling Silver Earrings

Oxidised Sterling Silver Earrings - Nithilah

Oxidised sterling silver earrings, on the other hand, are made from different silver alloys known as sterling silver. Sterling silver comprises 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. Usually, copper is used. This alloy is mainly famous for its durability and strength. So, you can go for oxidised sterling silver earrings for those who prefer oxidized solid silver earrings. Similar to oxidised silver earrings, oxidised sterling silver earrings also undergo the same oxidation process

Next, we are moving to the critical difference between these earrings.

Key Difference 


As mentioned earlier, the main difference lies in their composition. Oxidised silver earrings are made of 99% pure silver, while oxidised sterling silver earrings are made from 92.5% silver and 7.5 & other metals.


When we look at the price range, oxidised silver earrings are more affordable than sterling silver earrings, making them a budget-friendly option. So check out Nithilah for these earrings, and based on your budget, purchase your favorite one. 


Oxidised Sterling Silver Earrings are more durable due to their copper alloy, making them less likely to bend or scratch. Oxidised silver earrings are pure silver, so it is softer and more delicate. 


When we discuss appearance, both types of earrings have the same darkened patina, but the formation difference may affect the color's depth and overall appearance. Oxidised sterling silver earrings have a slightly more profound or more uniform black or gray shade.


When discussing the chance of causing any allergies, some individuals may be sensitive to the copper content in sterling silver. If you have metal allergies, it's essential to consider this factor when choosing these two silver earrings.

Which Silver Earrings to Choose?

Choosing silver earrings from these two types of earrings based on your preferences. If you value affordability and prefer a softer, more rustic look, oxidised silver earrings might be perfect. However, if durability and a deeper blackened finish are your priority, you can go for Oxidised silver earrings.


In conclusion, both oxidised silver earrings & sterling silver earrings offer unique beauty and style. Whichever option you choose, you will surely enjoy the beauty of oxidised jewellery at Nithilah. Apart from these regular oxidised silver earrings, we offer you a collection of beautiful oxidised silver jhumkas for up to a 45% discount. Shop today and enjoy free shipping.