American Diamond Jewellery Suppliers India, Price & Designs

American Diamond Jewellery is an Imitation of original diamond jewellery, which is now trending among the jewellery enthusiasts addicted to diamond designs. People nowadays need clarification about finding the best online American diamond jewellery store to purchase these artificial diamonds. In India, Flipkart & Amazon supply American diamond jewellery, but these companies sell the products as a mediator of small suppliers; there is no direct contact between buyers and the real owners of products. Don't worry; to solve this trust issue, Nithilah is here for you. Nithilah is one of the best Imitation jewellery suppliers, with over 12 years of experience in this field. We offer you a wide range of American diamond jewellery pieces with a 100% guarantee on their quality & authenticity. Also, we maintain direct contact with our buyers for their queries & purchase details on these products. To know more features about policy and details, you can visit our page, Why Nithilah.

American Diamond Jewellery Suppliers India, Price & Designs - Nithilah

Now, we will discuss more features of American Diamond Jewellery (AD Jewelry) to learn about this product for first-time buyers. 

What is American Diamond Jewellery, and How is it made

What is American diamond jewellery? As a diamond design lover, once in a lifetime, you all will Google this question; here, we will share the best knowledge about American diamond jewellery. 

American diamond jewellery is also known as cubic zirconia or cz jewellery, which features gemstones made from cubic zirconia, a synthetic material that resembles the real diamond appearance. While not genuine diamonds, cubic stones are crafted to imitate the brilliance and sparkle of real diamonds at a more affordable price. These low prices help people who can't afford the real diamond price and give real diamonds looks while wearing them. 

Here's How American diamond jewellery is typically made : 

  •  Synthesis of Cubic Zirconia: Cubic Zirconia is created through a controlled process using   zirconium dioxide. The material is heated to a high temperature, and its crystal. The structure is manipulated to resemble the features of a diamond.
  •  Cutting & Shaping: Once the cubic zirconia crystals are formed, they are cut and shaped  by skilled artisans, giving facets and shapes that enhance their brilliance and style.
  •  Setting: The cubic zirconia stones are then set into various jewellery settings, such as   rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. These settings are often made from sterling silver, gold or platinum.
  • Finishing: After the stones are set, the jewellery pieces are polished and finished to ensure they look best.
  •  Quality Control: Reputable manufacturers like us pay attention to quality control to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship. 
  • Final Inspection: The finished jewellery undergoes a final inspection to ensure it meets the desired quality and appearance standards before being packaged and made available to our buyers. 

American Diamond Jewellery Suppliers India, Price & Designs - Nithilah

We are moving to the next section of American diamond jewellery prices.

American Diamond Jewellery Price 

We know that you all are eager to know the price range of these diamond jewellery pieces. In the imitation diamond jewellery field, the price range is available in various ranges. Some jewellery websites sell their products at a very low cost. Its quality may be different. These fake qualities could cause skin diseases. So, as the most trusted Diamond jewellery sellers, we offer you a wide range of American diamond jewellery sets at standard rates that you can afford. 

  • American Diamond Earrings: AD Earrings are available in varieties of designs, starting with small jhumka earrings at ₹199 and up to ₹3209 (currently 45% discounts are available on your purchases)
  • American Diamond Necklace: AD Necklace are available in a wide variety of designs and features starting from ₹349 and up to ₹9569 ( 45% discounts and extra 10% discounts on your first purchase - unlock the feature now using the coupon code pinned on the product description)
  • American Diamond Haram/ American Diamond Long Necklace: AD Haram or AD Long Necklace are available from ₹899 and up to ₹5309 (coupon code discount is not reduced in this price list )
  • American Diamond Chokers: AD Choker Sets are available from ₹349 and up to ₹9569 (discount price is not reduced )
  • American Diamond Bangles/ American Diamond Bracelets: AD Bangles or AD Bracelets are available from ₹409 and up to ₹3329 (without adding discounts)

Please note that there is an option on the collection pages to sort the products according to price range, Best Selling, alphabetical order & dates (old to new & new to old designs ).

American Diamond Jewellery Suppliers India, Price & Designs - Nithilah

Next, we will discuss the different designs available in American Diamond pieces.

American Diamond Jewellery Designs

At Nithilah, we offer you various designs for American Diamond Jewellery pieces. You can have a 24/7 service available for doubts about products & purchases.

  • AD Earrings: The American Diamond Earrings are available in various designs like AD Silver Earrings, AD Earrings in Gold, Stone AD Earrings, Moissanite Stone AD Earrings, etc.
  • AD Necklace Set: The American Diamond Necklace Set comes with AD Silver Necklace Set, AD Necklace in Gold, AD Stone Necklace, Victorian Rose Gold Flower Necklace, AD Stone Mango Pendant, AD Jewel Sets, etc. Check the American Diamond Necklace Design page to see more. 
  • AD Choker Set: The American Diamond Choker Sets are available in many colours and designs, like the AD Black Choker Set, the AD Red Choker Set, the Crystal Bead Choker Set, the AD Silver Choker Set, the AD Golden Choker Set, etc. Find the other designs and colours on the AD Choker Necklace Set page.   
  • AD Haram/ AD Long Necklace: The American Diamond Harm can also be called the American Diamond Long Necklace, which is a long one compared to AD Necklace. You can find a variety of designs in the AD Long Necklace section, like AD Silver Long Necklace, AD Golden Haram, Pearl Beads AD Haram, etc. 
  • AD Bangles Sets and AD Bracelets: The American Diamond Bangles set offers new trending designs that can be worn for your special functions. The bangles are designed as follows: AD Rose Gold Bangles, Pink Flower AD Bangles, AD Gold Lakshmi Bangles, etc.

American Diamond Jewellery Suppliers India, Price & Designs - Nithilah

Additionally, this diamond jewellery can be worn for special functions. Nithilah's special collections are American Diamond Bridal Jewellery sets specially designed for brides on their special day.


In conclusion, if you're looking for American Diamond Jewellery in India, then don't think twice. Choose Nithilah for the best Imitation Jewelry sets. We offer a wide range of designs at different price points to suit your budget and preferences. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, you can find the perfect piece of jewellery that'll add sparkle and elegance to any outfit. Also, free and fast shipping is available in India. International shipments are also available.