Buy Bansuri Dual Tone Oxidised Jewel Set | Oxidised Jewelry
Buy Bansuri Dual Tone Oxidised Jewel Set | Oxidised Jewelry

Bansuri Dual Tone Oxidised Jewel Set


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Oxidised Jewellery

Dual tone oxidised jewellery refers to Oxidised jewellery pieces that are crafted using two different metal tones, typically in combination with an oxidised finish. Oxidised jewellery is treated to create an aged or darkened appearance, which adds depth and character to the design. The process involves exposing the metal to specific chemicals or environmental conditions, resulting in a patina that enhances the details and textures of the jewellery.

The two-tone aspect of the jewellery involves the use of two different metal colors. Common combinations include:

Silver and Gold: The contrasting colors of silver and gold create an eye-catching and elegant look. The oxidised finish further accentuates the details and patterns of the piece.

Silver and Black: Combining silver with a blackened or oxidised finish creates a striking contrast, making the designs stand out and adding a contemporary touch.

Copper and Silver: Copper and silver are often paired to create a warm and rustic appearance. The oxidised finish gives the jewellery an antique and vintage vibe.

Brass and Silver: Brass offers a warm, golden hue, while silver adds a cool, silvery tone. Together with the oxidised finish, this combination results in a unique and artistic piece.

Dual tone oxidised jewellery is popular for its versatility, as it can complement various outfits and styles. It has gained popularity in both traditional and contemporary jewellery designs, appealing to people with different tastes and preferences. Additionally, the oxidised finish helps to mask signs of wear over time, making the jewellery more durable and long-lasting.

Whether in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, dual tone oxidised jewellery adds a touch of uniqueness and sophistication to any jewellery collection.

Necklace : L 42cm X B 2 cm
Earrings : L 6cm X B 2.5 cm
Ring : L 2.5cm X B 2.5 cm
Made of : Dual Tone with Oxidised Metals

Size chart

Earring Size Guide
Nithilah Earrings Size guide

Necklace Size Guide
Nithilah Necklace Size guide

Bangle Size Guide
Nithilah Bangle Size guide
  • Your imitation jewellery pieces are the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off
  • Never let them come in contact with Sunscreen, Hairspray, Deodorants or any harsh chemicals.
  • Never wear them in too much sweat or water. Keep them dry as much as possible.
  • Once used, clean them gently with soft cotton balls/cloth, before you store.
  • Separate each of the Jewellery pieces, wrap them up in zip locks or store them safely in airtight boxes. Never store them in velvet boxes.
  • Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Caring for your jewellery keeps them NEW for a really long time.

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Priyanka Patil
Best quality

Omg! this is the super hit product. Definitely recommended. I will do more purchase

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